Network Routing Issue Sunday 7th January 2018 00:59:18

We are aware of a routing issue that may be affecting traffic from certain providers reaching our network. At this time, the issue appears to be a localised issue with any companies peering with Cogent and is an issue outside of our own network and datacentre.

Our own network is working normally and we are continuing to monitor this issue.

This issue has been reported to us to be resolved, however we will monitor and re-open this case should any further issues be seen.

We are seeing traffic reaching us via Cogent now and so this issue appears to be resolved. We will monitor this for any further issues, however this issue is outside of our network and control.

Cogent are in the process of performing some network upgrades. This appears to be having a larger impact than they have advertised and so is affecting any ISP who are routing traffic via them:

Cogent will be performing code upgrades in the following areas. During these upgrades, customers in or transiting the area may experience intermittent periods of packet loss and latency between 15 and 45 minutes for the duration of the window.

Location: London, UK Start time: 1/6 19:00 ET End time: 1/7 02:00 ET Work order number: NC822-60

Location: London, UK; Southport, UK Start time: 1/6 19:00 ET End time: 1/7 02:00 ET Work order number: NC822-58

This maintenance window is due to complete shortly and so hopefully the issue will then resolve.