Network Latency Tuesday 16th April 2019 13:00:00

We are currently investigating an issue with network latency from an upstream provider. This has not been reported by any customers at this time however our monitoring systems have proactively identified some anomalies. This may therefore only affect a small number of customers and be dependent on their ISP as to what route they take to our network.

We are working with the transit provider to ensure that this is resolved as soon as possible.

This was resolved shortly afterwards. The transit provider gave the following update as an RFO:

A configuration issue on an access switch caused unexpectedly high CPU load on a core router within NGD Newport. This resulted in routing instability on this device, causing intermittent connectivity for a number of customers. Stability and normal service was returned when the issue was identified and corrected. We are adding the specific configuration combination that caused the issue to our automated audit systems to ensure the problem does not re-occur on any device. We apologise for this issue.